Coach was a huge learning experience for me. From booking shows to organizing the finer details behind the scene, I Learned so much during our one year run. Most importantly I discovered a love for designing our show posters. Design work was never our top priority but I had become obsessed with photography at the time and had nothing to do with my photos. I found that by applying our show information to my photos I could create a design for posters that would be well received by venues. I thought it important to remain consistent with our posters so I kept using my photography. Since then I have learned a thing or two when it comes to design consistency.

Doggo - 3D


Doggo is a wonderful three piece from Seattle, Wa. Their music is well thought out and full of energy and they have the stage presence to match. I went with 3 D's for this design because they are a three piece band and the colors were inspired by the color scheme of the Nintendo 64. After coming up with the Doggo 3D design I mocked up a pocket T design to match. 

Flesh Produce

Artboard 1.png
Show poster.jpg