Who makes up Monsterwatch and where are you all from?

John and Jack are both from New Hampshire and Charles is from Wisconsin.  We all moved out here about 3 years ago and Jack and I met Charles at a bar we all used to hangout at.

Who plays what in the band?

John plays guitar and sings.  Jack plays the drums and Charles plays the bass

I imagine there is a great story behind the name Monsterwatch, how did you all decide on it?

The name comes from a quote by Daniel Webster.  The quote is referring to a natural phenomenon which is The Old Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire.  Its a giant rock at the top of a mountain that was the shape of face.  The quote is - "Men hang out their signs indicative of their respective trades; shoemakers hang out a gigantic shoe; jewelers a monster watch, and the dentist hangs out a gold tooth; but in the mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that there He makes men."

We wanted to have a name that kind of resembled something about where Jack and I are from so I just put the two words “Monster” and “Watch” together.  We just didn’t want to name a punk band “Old man of the Mountain” or something like that.  People would definitely think we were like an indie folk band or something. 

Monsterwatch has been pretty busy this year with the release of Blabbermouth, music video for Tuesday, and endless shows. How do you manage to keep your plates full? 

Yeah this years been pretty crazy but super fun.  I think we’ve managed to do what we’re doing because all 3 of us are focus and committed to this band but also because when we do shows. shoot music videos and whatnot we see it more as just hanging out and having fun.  We literally came up with Tuesday video idea like an hour before we started shooting it and I think letting things come naturally is the best way to go about it.  As far as shows go… We’ve just been pretty lucky with getting so many shows and we’re grateful for that.  

How was working on Blabbermouth? Where did you did you guys record it it?

Blabbermouth was interesting.  We did all the guitar tracks in our rehersal space and we tracked a few songs on drums at Birdhouse Studios in Ballard with a dude named Arsen.  Our intention was to just have the drum tracks so we could have some decent sounding demos to send around and whatnot but we ended up deciding that we should release a few songs.  We actually wrote Tuesday on a whim in the studio haha.  Jack finished all the songs on drums we wanted to do and we still had a few hours left in the studio.  So Arsen was like “Well do you guys wanna try and write something?”  It was just Jack and I in the studio at the time so we were like “uhhhhh ya sure”  and we ended up just fucking around until we played something cool.  We were also recording on a Tuesday so thats how the lyrics came about.  It went from being a goofy little jam and then when Arsen starting to mix the tracks we were like “We should just release this on the EP.”   

When is the next show?

Nothing booked right now.  We actually just recorded some more songs at Birdhouse Studio with Arsen and Steve Fisk so were gonna take the next couple months to focus on getting some new songs ready and whatnot.  We have a few house shows coming up but nothing major.

Who are your main influences in music?

All 3 of us are pretty into all the same bands.  I’d say mutually were all into a band from the UK called Slaves.  Their probably our biggest influence right now.  They’re tearing up the UK write now and bringing heavy punk music to the masses.  My main influence personally is Kevin Parker and Tame Impala.  That dude writes the best music and its so catchy and groovy and melodic.  His songs just take me outside of reality and I just zone out when I put a Tame Impala record on.  I’ll also just list some bands that I know the dudes and I are into… Wolf Alice, Shopping, Foals, The Black Angels, Girl Band, Drenge.  I could type forever but those are the bands that we all put on when we’re on our way to a show or something.   

Do you have any rituals that help motivate/inspire you before you go on stage.?

Usually just stretching and weed.  I like to give the dudes a little smooch on the cheek too.

Lets get a few of the favorites questions out of the way.

Favorite restaurant?

TNT taqueria in Wallingford.

Favorite local(Seattle)bands at the moment?

Not sure about the other dudes but I’ll list a few.

Fabulous Downey Brothers, FLRT, Baywitch, Charms, Mommy Long Legs

Favorite not so local band artist?

Mutually - Slaves

Favorite place to visit?

Anywhere quiet and outside the city.

Least favorite place to visit?

New Hampshire haha

Five favorite albums?

Not sure about the other dudes but these are mine

Lonerism - Tame Impala

Are You Satisfied? - Slaves

Is there Are - DIIV

El Pintor - Interpol

In Utero  - Nirvana

Favorite TV show?

That 70’s Show

Favorite slice of pizza?

Anything from Big Marios

Favorite animal?


Are there any Perks of being a musician?

Being broke and loathing in self doubt constantly 

How about the frustrations?

(see previous answer)

So far, what is your favorite project you have worked on and why?

Definitely this one.  I think I can speak for Charles and Jack on this one too.   We all just work really well together and were best friends so it just feels right.  everyones always down to work on things and collaborate and we’ve been having a blast ever since this started.

What can you be found doing outside of your music?

 John- Slinging Coffee at Cafe Vita 

Charles - Pouring those alcoholic beverages at Neon Boots

Jack - Cracking some cold ones for people at the Blue Moon or whipping around on his skateboard haha