Who is behind Kung Foo Grips and where is everyone from?

Kung Foo Grip is MC's Greg Scott and Eff Is H and we're both hailing from the greater Seattle area a la the Eastside.

How did KFG come into existence?

G: we met through mutual friends at a bus stop and the rest is history.. 

F: we formed similar to Capt. Planet.. Earth Fire Wind water and Heart baby!

At what point in life did you know that you wanted to make music part of your identity?

F: I first started recording when I was 14 and didn't really wanna stop after that.

G: My story is similar, i was always into performing on stage. I was really into writing, plus really really into Hip Hop. It just made sense.

How do you approach song writing? Do the songs come naturally or do you have a process? Are there any albums or artist that you draw inspiration from?

F: Usually with the songwriting one of us will start with and concept and it goes from there.. we really don't like to force anything.

G: as far as inspiration goes Pink Floyd has incredible albums that tie together and tell a story and Kanye West who just has massive hit after massive hit on an album. We usually try to structure our stuff behind those type blueprints.

I've seen KFG perform a few times, the most recent was at The Sunset Tavern in Ballard. I found it most refreshing to see you perform there for three reasons, it was conveniently at my place of work, Hip-Hop shows rarely happen in the North end of Seattle, and you guys have the stage presence and crowd control that very few acts have. How do you manage to engage so well with crowds, and why do you think Hip hop is harder to find in the north end?

F: I think it's easy to get caught in the Capitol Hill scene but The north end definitely has a scene and a lot of dope artists and venues to rock. Since there's not that many hip hop shows that do happen there I think the crowds tend to really be willing to engage and enjoy the show more

What are your thoughts on the music community in Seattle, is there anything you want to praise or change about it?

G: I like how easy it is to work and get your name out there in the Seattle scene. Especially if you're really dope. A lot of artists out here are clean as hell, I just wish we worked together more. 

Have you found that there are perks to being a musician?

G: The fans and the artists and the shows. The money is out there and the day we can quit working 9-5s and strictly do what we love for a living would be a major perk as a musician.

How about frustrations?

F: Finding time to do it. I would like to only be able to focus on my music all the time.

Who inspires KFG?

F: Lil Wayne, Outkast, Cannibal Ox and Binary Star

G: man a lot of weed and good ass music. Good homies.

Are there any projects that you are particularly proud of?(why)

F: Our new album 2KFG, we put our everything into. Can't wait for it to come out honestly.

G: All our projects are special and unique but we've invested so much into this new album it has to be at the top of my list for sure!

Are there any new projects that you are working on? if so, could you tell us a little about them?

G: as we said before our new album 2KFG with Keyboard Kid coming real soon!

I heard that you guys are going on a mini tour pretty soon, Tell us about it.

G: we're headed to the Bay Area and a few select dope spots in WA to let them know bout this new single "Mic Check" we dropping! It's gonna be fire and we're performing with our good homies Remember Face.

Time for the favorites


Favorite restaurant?

F: Anywhere I can get some banging Fish and Chips.. 

G: Island Soul in Columbia City

Favorite local(Seattle) artist at the moment?

G: 2Cup Slim is prolly my favorite right now. Super clever with amazing production. 

F: Taysean (from Helladope/Kingdom Crumbs/Solo).

Favorite not so local artist?

F: DOOM, Jay-Z or Lil Wayne

G: Kanye West

Favorite place to visit?

F: 100 bands and frequent trips to Japan

G: California my second home so off top I gotta shout San Jose, CA, Santa Rosa that's where all my family from.

Least favorite place to visit?

F: Any Mall

G: Bellevue Square Mall 

Five favorite albums?

F: The Cold Vein(Cannibal Ox), Madvillany (Madvillain) American Gangster (Jay-Z) Dirty Sprite 2 (future) Awesome Wave (Alt-J)

G: Ruff Draft (J Dilla), MBDTF (Kanye West), By Any Means Necessary (Boogie Down Productions) The Chronic (Dr. Dre) The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam (Thundercat)

Favorite TV show?

G: Breaking Bad
F: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, also Cowboy Bebop.

Favorite/best pizza?

G: Best pizza in Seattle is at Hot Mamas. But I really love Rocco's as well
F: My most consumed pizza is probably Digornio.. unfortunately

Favorite animal?

G: Favorite animal is prolly my Dog Sandy.. she's hella dope
F: I got a doodle, a Chihuahua , and a rat terrier but as a kid i really liked Sloths!

Favorite game?

G: Basketball/NBA2K
F: Half Life 2

Favorite invention from the 19th century? 

G: Probably the use of Electricity.. s/o to Nikola TeslaF

F: the cotton gin or the internal combustion engine of course

Favorite movie?

F: Jacob's Ladder
G: The Maltese Falcon  

Last words?

F: kfgmusic.com on ya moms droppin bombs!
G: our new album coming out very soon! stay on the lookout!