Release Date: February 9th, 2017

The Co Founder's second Release phd was released on LifeVest Records out of Bellingham, WA. Although phd is only a short release with the track listing of Obsessed followed by Balance, members Hayden Eller(vocals/Guitar), Luke Hogfoss(vocals/bass), and Jake Barrow(Drums) have captured the essence of their sleepy college town and the every day heartache everyone in there mid 20's has experienced. Obsessed is one of those songs that is upbeat enough to get you through one of those shitty weeks that having you dragging your feet and and counting the days until it is over while the lyrics help keep you grounded and remind you to deal with whatever is on your plate. I imagine that Balance was brought into existence around a fire pit somewhere in bellingham, while slower than the previous song, it is provokes new emotions with every listen and features great guitar tones, well planed and placed drums, and a fun group chant.  phd was Engineered and mixed by  Erik Wallace (Shibusa Sound), and mastered by Chris Hanzsek. If you like what you have heard you should click one of the links below to see some of The Co Founders humorous social media content

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