Release Date: September 27th, 2016

Many people are only aware of the grunge, folk/country, and indie rock music that comes out of the NW but little do they know there is a close knit, vibrant, and talented hip-hop community that has more to offer than the memory of Sir Mix-a-Lot and the recent success of Macklemore, and its right in my back yard.  Chimaroke Abuachi(lyricist) and Andy Savoie(producer), previously of Nu Era, have teamed together once again to release their self-titled album Remember Face and help keep hip-hop alive and well in Seattle. Chimaroke really opens up and shows us that sometimes life can throw you some dark curveballs with his tales of deceit, and the the setbacks of progression. This album features eerie yet familiar grooves from the past with a small crunch from the 80’s and touch of what the future should sound like. Through his production Andy does a great job of painting a visual of what I imagine Spike Spiegel’s favorite cocktail lounge to look like. Remember face is a whirlwind of emotions, one minute you find yourself reflecting on a past relationship with a lover or a friend that did not end so well, to still being upset but wanting to dance around your house because the music is too good not to, to wanting to have as much fun as these two dudes had recording this album with their friends. Remember Face features Jesse Desean, Turtle T, and Philharmonic. It’s really hard to choose a favorite song because each song is so unique and every time I go over this album I notice something different. Tracks and Follow Your Insanity, Rant, Odysseus, Invaders are worth a full listen. Last but not least, Hey Money is one of those songs that I could listen to over and over and over again and is definitely needs to be in a movie. Go give this album a listen and follow Remember Face.