Release Date: June 16, 2017

Charm’s is easily one of my favorite groups to see live. If you haven’t seen them yet you are surely missing out on a great show. Charms consist of E.J. Tolentino(guitar/vocals), Josh McCormick(synth/keys), Ray McCoy(drums), together they have created their long awaited debut album Human Error. It is one of the first releases on Kill Room Records and has a limited run on “Blood Red” vinyl which fits this album perfectly. From C.O.D to Telesnow, this album features well-crafted haunting tones from the guitar of E.J. and the synths of Josh, which I imagine is much like what having to fight off the ghost in an abandon church in the middle of the night all while being in the middle of a full blown anxiety attack would feel like. Ray provides drums that makes the listener willing to march through the beautiful chaos that Charms is laying out in front of them. At times the drums are delicate and simple all while building up for the unexpected heavy hitting and complex parts that navigate Charms through their epic journey of songs.  From what I have gathered from my many listens of Human Error is an underlying theme of seeing through the Facade that people build up to protect their true intentions or feelings. Perhaps this is just me relating it to the current condition of Seattle and the many changes it is being forced through by big tech and never ending increasing rent. I could be wrong about that but who knows. I guess we will have to wait until I can sit one of them down for a Q&A. Although my poor writing could never give this album the justice it deserves, I can say that it is really rad, like a ten out of ten rad. Go give it a listen.


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